Entry Begin
April 1st - June 30th


ROI Festival is the world’s first business creativity awards, which aims to celebrate works that help to realize the business value founded on the theory of ‘Business Creativity’ using the market (both professional judgment and consumer/sales responses) to quantify creativity.

ROI Festival’s mission:
To promote Chinese business creativity development, to help the growth of global enterprises.

ROI Festival’s vision:
To become one of the three biggest creativity awards worldwide, over 100 countries involved, to establish a museum which study and promote Chinese business creativity towards global collections.

ROI Festival’s value:
Pursuing sustainable development,
Spreading the power of benevolence,
Igniting people’s faith to creativity,
Passing these down to more excellent persons.


4/1 Open for Entry
5/31 Deadline of Discount
6/30 Deadline of Entry Submission
7/15-7/27 1st Round Judging
8/3-8/9 2nd Round Judging
8/12 Final Onsite Judging / Shortlist notification
10/11-10/14 ROI Festival
10/14 ROI AWARDS Ceremony